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Primary imaginary / Organic inspiration

From Rabat, I continue my exploration of artisanal know-how and creative paths around various materials. After collaborations with the master glassmaker Christian Beaubreuil and the exceptional cabinetmakers of Drugeot Manufacture, after glass and wood, I am now looking at another primordial material, simple and noble, both strong and fragile: the clay.

At the heart of the development of all civilizations -including here in Morocco-, earth brings together under the same name clay, silica or kaolin. Present in many objects of use (pottery), it is also used to make exceptional and unique pieces. Combining technicality and sensuality, using gestures that are sometimes thousands of years old, working with clay offers almost infinite formal possibilities. Ceramics is not only an art of the past, many contemporary artists and researchers are working in this vein, and I am part of this dynamic to explore new avenues. To do, to follow…