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Atelier LK’ brings its expertise to schools, businesses and the visual arts. Through its range of training courses, Atelier LK’ offers working sessions designed specifically for students and civil society actors. From ancestral techniques to installation, these workshops introduce its active participants to different artistic practices by stimulating the imagination and participation of each one.

Our model aims to:
• Promote the development of learners through creative and innovative approaches.
• Artistic creation by aligning key concepts, values (such as those of companies) and art works.
• Support communication strategy using visual literacy skills.

The business world has an essential role to play in promoting creation. Art brings well-being and meaning to a company’s employees and Atelier LK’ wants to prove that it is also a developer of economic growth. It is in this dynamic that Initiative Anjou granted an honorary loan to support this project.

Atelier LK’ provides tailor-made communications offers and strategies. 

You are:


If you are a private individual, do not hesitate to contact us as well. We will study together your expectations to offer you a personalized course to be as close as possible to your needs.

10, rue du Grenier à Sel